How I Chose to Spend my J. Crew Rewards Card

I love that feeling when you get a J.Crew rewards card in the mail … it’s very empowering. I’ve got $25 whole dollars to spend on anything I want, I say to myself. I guess in retrospect it’s a little silly, but I am sure most people would welcome rewards cards in the mail with open arms these days.

So, when I received it, I knew I wanted to splurge on one of the new spring styles. And by ‘splurge’ I mean buy more than $25 worth of stuff 😉

I must have done three laps around the store — feeling all of the new fabrics, examining all of the exquisite new details, fabrics, and patterns they’ve introduced … I am with you, J. Crew Aficionada, I am really loving the new color palette they’ve brought out.

I finally decided on the Tissue Tee with Hand-cut Applique in Parsley, which I must say looks slightly more green and a little less brown in person … love it.

I also discovered a bracelet on clearance at the register. Now, that’s the kind of impulse purchase I can get behind. If there were J. Crew accessories near the register at the local supermarket, I think we’d all be in deep trouble.