What do common folk wear to movie premieres?

What to common folk even wear to movie premieres? I have the good fortune of being invited to attend a movie premiere on Monday 11/17 in Los Angeles. Now, I like to think of myself as pretty stylish, but I wasn’t sure I had anything in my closet befitting of an Hollywood movie premiere.

So naturally this presents quite the wardrobe challenge. How do I stay true to my bargain basement philosophy while looking stylish, event appropriate, and hip?

My outfit needs to strike the right chord of “I want to look great, but I know no one knows me or gives a damn who I am, so I don’t want to look like I am trying too hard.” I feel like non-celebs who go all out at these red carpet events like movie premieres end up spending too much cash for nothing.

Here’s what ideas I have come up with so far —

1) A J.Crew perfect fit Crewneck T-shirt in White — on sale at the outlets for $10.

2) A long & lean blazer from Urban Outfitters in Black (I got my bargain version on the Target clearance rack for $16).

3) Two chunky beaded ribbon necklaces from Old Navy layered together, in aqua and yellow hues. $14 each.

4) 5-pocket skinny pants from Urban Outfitters in Black (I bought these months ago for $50 and they’ve been my go-to pants ever since).

5) A bright clutch from Target in a gorgeous Cobalt Blue. A steal at $16.

6) Ankle Boots from Payless in Black for $30 (I may even wear my black suede heels from Clarks, believe it or not).

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