About me

Welcome to my blog!

You've reached NYC Recessionista ... a blog started by moi in June of 2008 after my then boyfriend politely told me he was tired of my talking his ear off about empire waists, wide leg trousers and mod-style shift dresses. 

When I started my blog, I made "Limited means. Unlimited Style" my mantra. And in addition to not letting my limited budget get in the way of my style, there are five other theories I always abide by when shopping:
  • Mixing high and low pieces -- bargain basement and designer in the same outfit -- is really what it's all about.
  • If the shape or silhouette doesn't flatter your body, it won't matter how much it was on sale for.
  • How many seasons can I get out of this piece? 
  • If it's a statement piece, is of extremely good quality, and fits extremely well, then perhaps it is worth the extra money.
  • If the material is cheap and it will just fall apart after a few washes or wears, it won't matter how much it was on sale for.

I love bargain shopping, style, and all things preppy, vintage and bohemian. And sharing what I love with my readers has been truly incredible :)

Thanks for visiting!