Weekend Wants

Here are some things I'd love for this weekend ... a.k.a. my Weekend Wants.

1) To pick up some groceries ... We're planning to hit Trader Joe's for some of our gluten-free favorites.  We love their chocolate chip cookies, brown rice flour tortillas, and natural peanut butter among other things.

(Images courtesy of Veggie Food Lover, Hold The Gluten, and Sunny Side Up respectively)

2) To do some laundry ... Completely boring I know, but I am pretty much out of clean underwear :) 

3) To read ... I am almost finished with Fifty Shades Darker - the second in the series. I'll most likely be diving into Fifty Shades Freed. Have you seen all of the articles about who would be cast as Christian Grey in the movie version?  I know everyone keeps saying Ian Somerhalder, but I am honestly just not feeling him as Christian.  In my humble opinion, it should be Colin Egglesfield.


4) To clean out my closet ... Not only do I have to prep my closet for spring and summer, but I still need to get rid of some of the items I have that are now too big :) It's a happy problem to have, no?

(Image courtesy of NYC Recessionista on Instagram)

5) To do  some work ... Sometimes I find that when I go through my work emails and do some light catch up work on Sundays, it makes my Mondays less stressful. 

What are your plans for the weekend?

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Tridmama said...

I just discovered you. You're so funny and my husband is a lot like yours, but I live in the Washington, DC area. Not as hip, but still...

Keep it comin', honey.