Weekend Wants

Here are some things I'd love for this weekend ... a.k.a. my Weekend Wants.

1) To continue feeling better ... I can't seem to stay healthy for very long this year.  This past week I was hit with some sort of 48-hour stomach virus. Not fun at all. Tonight was the first night I ate  a somewhat normal dinner and I am feeling pretty okay.

2) To celebrate ... One of the reasons I want to continue feeling better is because the hubs and I are going to a very fancy wedding on Saturday night. One of my oldest and dearest friends (I've known him since I was 10) is getting married and I am so incredibly happy for him and his bride. 

3) To get back to yoga ... I have missed yoga for the last two weeks, and I am starting to feel it in my back, hip and legs. It's amazing how much you miss it when you didn't realize how addicted you were in the first place!

4) To honor mom(s) ... On Sunday, I'll be spending some time with my mother-in-law. Haven't seen her in a couple of months because she's been visiting family in Colombia, so it will be nice to visit with her. I am making some cheesecake to bring with us, too :)

Source: tastebook.com via NYC on Pinterest

5) To beautify myself ... this one's already done -- I gave myself a manicure tonight for the wedding ... it's My Private Jet by OPI in case you're wondering!

(Image courtesy of NYC Recessionista)

What are your plans for the weekend?

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