Sale prices - in stores vs. online

This past weekend, I noticed something very interesting -- 

We often expect online discounts and coupon codes to be better than in-store sales, but that's not always the case. I went into a local Old Navy store over the weekend and scooped up several tops, and I noticed huge differences in the sale prices:

This striped boat neck top ... online sale price: $14.99; in-store sale price: $5.49.

This open knit cap sleeve sweater ... online sale price: $20.99; in-store sale price: $8.49.

This bow back animal print top ... online price: $34.94 (not on sale!); in-store sale price: $9.99.

This tab-sleeved patterned top ... online price: $24.94 (not on sale!); in-store sale price: $19.50.

(All images courtesy of Old Navy)

So ... that means if I had shopped online, I would have paid $95.86 (or $76.69 if I had used the 20% off coupon I blogged about earlier this week).

BUT ... shopping in-store, I only spent $43.47!!!

This makes no sense to me!  Why the big difference in prices?!  Makes me feel bad for the people who shopped online this weekend expecting to get the best deal! Just goes to show ... check the stores before you shop online, and compare, compare, compare.

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Meg said...

Whoa! VERY interesting. Thanks for sharing!