Lunch hour @ Payless

Q: What do you get when you mix 5 ladies, no desire to go back to the office after lunch, and a BOGO sale @ Payless?

A: A somewhat dysfunctional shopping experience.

Julie, in our first experiment of the afternoon, was looking for ankle boots -- everyone say hi to Julie. "Hi, Julie!"

This first pair had a nice and streamlined look to them, but Julie felt like they didn't have enough ankle support.

Next up, the Christian Siriano for Payless booties (on the right) are dead sexy, but unfortunately the heel is a tad too high. And by contrast, the buckled style (on the left) is a tad too chunky of a silhouette... don't you think?

These gray ones on the left are cute, too, but just not hitting quite the right note.

Next up is Krista, who found a kick-ass ruffled peep-toe heel for going out. A steal @ $25.

Now, it had to get silly at some point, so here we have Emily, who was fascinated (and a little confused, I think) by these hideous animal-print platform wedges. The only thing they seemed to "go with" is her scarf ... let's leave those right on the shelf where we found them!

Ditto with this studded number, unless she's planning on joining the KISS reunion tour.

This was Emily's reaction after seeing how they looked on her ... shoes shouldn't be so ridiculous that they make you burst out laughing ... that's a pretty good rule of thumb to follow.

In the end, the totally cute ankle boots that Julie tried on earlier ended up being a winner for Emily.

Tres tres chic, no?

In the end, Julie vetoed all of the ankle boot styles and is currently sporting these new ballet flats.

Does anyone else have crazy shopping adventures with coworkers on their lunch break?


Penny said...

Yes, but the question is....did you guys make it back to work and if so; did you manage to get any work done? LOL, it's been my personal experience that once the luchtime madness begins; it's hard to stop it.

NYC Recessionista said...

Let's see... how do I put this :) We came back to the office, ate chocolate cake for Emily's birthday, and then proceeded to BS with each other for the next hour or so! So to answer your question, not much work is getting done!