My newest piece of jewelry

My Memorial Day weekend was very ho-hum ... I took the bus upstate to visit my parents, went to my cousin's baby shower, stayed glued to NASA TV until the space shuttle landed (safely, yay!), and then went home back to Queens with Kevin so we could relax on the day off (for once he didn't have to work!).

And on Monday, we were having a really blah day-- vacuuming, grocery shopping, etc. when Kevin said he wanted to go to Best Buy to look at car speakers.

Now, I am certainly not one to talk, what with my shopping escapades and all, but I really wanted to ask him if he thought car speakers were a purchase he should be making right now when *coughs* we've been together for almost four years now and the ring finger on my left hand remains a blank canvas. If this seems strange to you, I should note that six months ago we had a similar tiff about a $500 car stereo, so this was sort of a sensitive subject. I proceeded to cry in the Pathmark parking lot before said grocery shopping while yelling at him for being so selfish and insensitive. Good times.

Then later that day, after apologizing and kissing & making up, and finishing our grocery shopping for that matter, he tells me he wants to take me out to dinner to apologize for being such a jerk. I'm thinking, I don't want you to spend more money to apologize! But I also love food. A lot. So I didn't really put up too much of an argument when he took me here. It is hands down our favorite restaurant, and we have made it a tradition of going there for most holidays or special occasions.

When we got there, I started taking pictures of everything because I had every intention of rubbing it in with my brother-in-law later on-- who is a serious carnivore-- that I was having a filet somewhere and he wasn't.

Here's what's left of the mashed potatoes we order every single time, which clearly don't last very long in the bowl.

Here's the broccoli sauteed with garlic, another one of our favorite sides.

And here's what's left of my aforementioned filet. The food there is absolutely and totally divine, so if you have never been there, I suggest you go soon.

So anyways, I inhaled my dinner, even though I am not even sure I was completely hungry... and during the end of our meal, Kevin starts talking about how sorry he is for earlier, how he's been so happy being with me, and he's really trying to work on being a better boyfriend ... but that he thinks he can be an even better husband.

I'm sorry, what?

I have heard from many people that the moment you get engaged is like one big blur, because everything's happening so fast and you don't have time to register what's going on-- and that's exactly what it feels like.

I just remember him asking me to marry him and holding out the ring across the table, and me trying to take it from him instead of letting him put it on my finger which point the waiter totally interrupted him by trying to clear our plates, and I'm pretty sure Kevin said something along the lines of, "we're just getting engaged, could you give us a minute?" Lol ... so he came back a few minutes later with two glasses of champagne on the house.

I literally felt like I didn't know whether I wanted to cry or throw up. And I really thought I would cry, but I think I was too happy to cry. And I really didn't want to get so worked up that I got sick.

I don't even think it's completely registered with me yet that we got engaged two days ago, but I cannot stop looking at my hand and smiling. I've said it before that when I met Kevin, my life got completely turned upside down, and I meant it... but I have also never been more happy in my entire life.

I am really sorry for the totally sap-laden post, but when something like this happens in your life, it's hard to keep it to yourself.


Sunshine In The City said...

Yay congrats to you both!!! I love your engagement story!!! I look forward to hearing all about your NYC Recessionista Wedding planning!

Jenny K. said...

What a funny and sweet story. Congratulations!!!

Cate said...

aww congrats!

Preppy In The City said...

Congratulations again. One of my favorite restaurants as well! Your ring is gorgeous. exciting. Hope to see you soon.

roxy said...

Ah!! That is so awesome, congrats to you and your guy!! Love it when love is in the air.

Amanda's Sunshine said...

Congratulations on your engagement!

N + S said...

Congratulations! What wonderful news :)