TopShop is bleh.

...I finally went and saw it for myself last night ... and while it was new and shiny and pretty, I walked out empty handed.  


Because if I want to pay $140 for a dress, I'll go to J. Crew, or Anthropologie... where they are beautifully made, fit beautifully, and last years.   If I want uber trendy pieces that I'm not even sure I'll still be able to wear next year, I'll go to H&M and pay about half of what TopShop is charging.  

The quality of the pieces didn't even seem like it was really that great for the price, which you know to a recessionista like myself is a must, esp. if you're going to fork over more moolah for it.

Quelle disappointment.

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Tesh said...

Sadly, I went in and the few dress shirts they had at TopMan, I had picked up in London back in August and even worse PAID LESS from Selfridges!