Spring trends according to InStyle.com

Instyle.com has a great feature up right now with all the Spring trends -- which are the following:
  • Silky
  • Safari
  • Texture
  • Hourglass
  • Embellished
  • Print Blouses
  • Soft Pants
  • Full Minis
  • Un-classic Jackets
  • Sporty Dresses
  • Soft Shorts
  • Everyday Anorak
Each trend listed opens into its own slideshow with examples...Enjoy!


Sarah*I'm Over It* said...

great resource! Thanks for the post..

Chiffoncupcake said...

Thanks for always updating us on the latest trends. Love your "minimalist" approach to just highlight keywords. Perfect for someone as lazy as me - I guess the word "patience" somehow got lost in my dictionary. It even seemed like too much work to browse through all the pictures in the link! :)